India’s first on-grid municipal power storage system was inaugurated in Delhi – Vitality Storage Information

India's first on-grid municipal energy storage system was inaugurated in Delhi - Energy Storage News

Last week’s inauguration event: Delhi’s Power Minister Satyender Jain (center) with Nexcharge executives. Image: Tata Power-DDL. An energy storage system for lithium-ion batteries turned on in Rani Bagh, Delhi will serve multiple applications and could pave the way for the introduction of smarter, renewable energy grids across India. The battery system is relatively small compared … Read more

VRB Vitality Publicizes Settlement for China’s Largest Solar Battery; a 100 MW solar and storage venture in Hubei Province – Yahoo Finance

VRB Energy Announces Agreement for China's Largest Solar Battery;  a 100 MW solar and storage project in Hubei Province - Yahoo Finance

The framework also includes the “Gigafactory” production facility and the research and development institute for vanadium flow batteries VRB Energy 3MW / 12MWh VRB-ESS in Hubei Xiangyang The VRB Energy quality assurance team carries out final checks on the cell stacks and electrolyte tanks of the 3 MW / 12 MWh VRB-ESS in the Hubei … Read more

BLUETTI launches the EP500, a solar battery with tremendous watt capability for intensive off-grid options – iLounge

BLUETTI Launches the EP500, a Solar Battery with Super Wattage Capacity for Intensive Off-Grid Solutions

BLUETTI has established itself as a serious brand in the green energy industry, with a view to reliability and innovative power supply solutions. BLUETTI currently has a number of medium to small sized portable power plants that are available to the public. Recently, the company has turned to the development of large capacity solar batteries … Read more

How NASA’s MOXIE Might Change Mars Without end | Perseverance Rover – Standard Mechanics

How NASA's MOXIE Could Change Mars Forever | Perseverance Rover - Popular Mechanics

NASA engineers install MOXIE on the Perseverance rover, March 20, 2019. NASA/JPL-Caltech A little more than a month ago, NASA’s Perseverance rover made a daring landing on the Martian surface that’s now been watched (and rewatched) by millions. But now, the real work begins. Tucked deep inside Percy is an instrument designed to inhale Mars’ … Read more

India will levy a 40% tariff on imports of solar programs from subsequent yr – Enterprise Commonplace

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India will impose a 40 percent tariff on imports of solar panels from April next year to reduce reliance on overseas supplies and encourage domestic manufacturing of the devices, the Renewable Energy Ministry said. The Treasury Department has approved the proposal, which also includes a 25 percent tariff on imports of solar cells, the ministry … Read more

The Utilities Are Advocating “Cleaner” Insurance policies – Arkansas On-line

The Utilities Are Advocating "Cleaner" Policies - Arkansas Online

Arkansas utilities are adopting clean energy guidelines faster than much of the US, but state activists said more consistent reporting would help measure the real impact of those guidelines and hold companies accountable for their promises. Utilities find it more cost-effective to invest in clean energy options than to build new natural gas plants. As … Read more

Schneider Electrical expands the solar charge controller Conext MPPT 100 – Solar Builder by 25 % extra electrical energy


Schneider Electric Solar launched an improved solar charge controller this week for solar + storage customers in private households. The solar charge controller Conext MPPT 100 600 offers 25% more charging power than the charge controller MPPT 80 600. With the MPPT 100, homeowners can optimize battery charging using solar energy and maximize energy stability … Read more

Leclanche: Nexcharge will mild up Delhi with India’s first grid Conn … –

Leclanche: Nexcharge will light up Delhi with India's first grid Conn ... -

Sat March 27th Nexcharge, an Exide Leclanché Energy Pvt. The Ltd. is an exclusive joint venture in India between Exide Industries Limited and Leclanché, Switzerland Exide Industries and Leclanché SA’s 0.52 megawatt hour on-grid system will pave the way for wider adoption of grid-scale energy storage technology across India. DELHI, INDIA, YVERDON-LES-BAINS, Switzerland March 27, … Read more

VRB Vitality Pronounces Settlement for China’s Largest Solar Battery; A 100 MW solar and storage mission in Hubei Province – GlobeNewswire

VRB Energy Announces Agreement for China's Largest Solar Battery;  A 100 MW solar and storage project in Hubei Province - GlobeNewswire

BEIJING and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VRB Energy Chairman Robert Friedland and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mianyan Huang are We are pleased to announce a framework agreement for an integrated power plant project with 100 megawatts (MW) solar photovoltaics (PV) and 100 MW / 500 MWh vanadium flow battery in … Read more