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One type of RV that you can pick up is a truck RV. Assuming you own a long bed, heavy duty truck, preferably an F-350 or 3500 series truck, you can grab the Lance Camper flagship 1172 Truck Camper.

As the flagship of Lance, a company that has been in the business since 1965, this addition to your truck offers the opportunity to completely transform your lifestyle into that of a nomad, but you have to be a nomad with some money like the 2021 version is anything but cheap. Depending on which retailer you get one of these babies from, you should be prepared to spend over $ 60,000 (€ 50,571 at current exchange rates).

But for so much money, Lance has built the 1172 with enough amenities, systems, and convenience features that you won't feel too bad spending that much.

The main differentiator of the 1172 is its size; it literally dwarfs the truck it is sitting on. With a total length of 6.19 meters, it is anything but small. A floor length of 3.63 meters and an outside width of 2.44 meters make up the rest of the monstrosity. Oh, there's 80 inches (243 centimeters) of headroom inside too, enough for the average basketball player and more.

Lance has thus reserved the 1172 for up to 6 people, so that the next road trip looks varied. Heck, you can literally fit two little families into this sucker. For everyone, 42 gallons (159 liters) of fresh water, a 35 gallon (132 liter) gray water tank, and a 35 gallon (132 liter) black water tank should easily be enough for a few days outdoors.

One thing Lance prides itself on is the design of every camper. Components such as the laminated fiberglass-bonded exterior and the one-piece TPO cab cap sit on an aluminum frame with block foam insulation and Azdel interior walls. In addition, the floor, cab bed and roof are insulated and laminated.

What makes the 1172 so special are its double pull-out segments, which enable it to really open up into a living space. Extendable segments are the dinette standing as a western wall and the rear entertainment lounge.

Unlike other truck campers we've seen, the 1172 doesn't pack everything in one tight spot. Instead, all amenities are full-size and accessible at all times. You have to flip this or that open to get to a utensil drawer or your fridge. Even entering the bathroom and bathtub requires nothing more than opening a door and stepping in. You can even look relaxed from the skylight above your head.

In the cabover there is the bedroom with a bed frame with carpeting, a deluxe queen spring mattress with cushion cover, a folding screen door, a headboard and LED reading lamps. This area also has space for a wardrobe and other storage space.

Devices and equipment such as a 20,000 BTU stove, a 3-way refrigerator, propane tanks, a single sink with base and pull-out faucet and a 3-burner steel stove with oven make this motorhome sound like a fully furnished home, as it should be .

Sufficient electrical systems such as LED interior, patio and cloakroom lighting, 12 V USB charging connections, electrical roof ventilation, HDTV antenna and wireless sliding control should make life easy. The 1172 is also ready for generators, pre-wired for solar panels, wall thermostat, and TV and satellite dish.

If there is anything else you need, the long list of options includes solar panels, Onan 2500 watt generator, rear view camera, and countless others. There is also an all-weather package at your disposal, which is essential for a trip any time of the year.

One thing is for sure, if you want your next years road trip to be lived out in something like the 1172 Truck Camper, you will have to spend a lot more than the base price, but you will be walking away with a proper motorhome.


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