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First Quarter 2013
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Feed The Beast to Green the Planet
by Sandy Leon Vest
The Yellowing of California Greens: How Big Oil & Gas is Stealing the Golden State’s Clean Energy Future ... California -- sometimes known as the “Golden State” -- has long been considered at the vanguard of the environmental movement. With the state’s passage of AB 32 (The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006), and its subsequent signing by then-Governor Schwarzenegger, California set its ambitious 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal into law and the state’s efforts to move away from fossil fuels and toward a “clean energy future” became a model for the nation.
    But, somewhere along the way to a clean energy future, the Golden State’s “green-ness” began looking a little brownish. And its greens -- that is to say, its environmental community -- began taking on a yellowish tint.
    It’s hard to say how it all began, but the current governor’s office seems as good a place to start as any.
Big Oil and Gas is Stealing California's Clean Energy FutureGraphic composite by Laura Lynch:
- Governor Jerry Brown and California’s Love Affair with Big Oil ... Governor Brown’s relentless promotion of statewide large-scale renewable projects, along with the state’s relatively aggressive pursuit of environmental goals and its focus on green job-creation, has garnered substantial federal subsidies and earned its governor the reputation of being a staunch environmental advocate. But, as Investors Business Daily observed in March, “California wrote the script for renewables, but its governor talks like an oilman on the subject of fracking ... Gov. Jerry Brown yields to no one in his enthusiasm for green energy, but he knows black gold when he sees it.” Referencing the governor’s comments at a recent event announcing three new renewable energy projects, IBD observed: “The oil industry could not have put it better -- and probably would not have put it differently.”
Students Say No More

A national student divestment movement is spreading like wildfire across the country, with college students demanding that US universities stop all investments in fossil fuels -- NOW

Student Movement to get universities to divest from fossil fuel investments's Do The Math tour in Seattle -- founder Bill McKibben pictured front & center
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